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Photo & Video Hire

We travel the southwest, capturing a range of occasions, from weddings and commercials to producing and aiding local film projects. There's no limit to what we can and will create. Feel free to get in touch, however different or diverse a project may be, we'd love to hear from you!

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Lovat Parks
Kingswood Bar & Restaurant
The Victoria Inn, Roche
Jo Downs Handmade Glass
Coral & Moss

At our core, we approach wedding videography with a distinctive touch. Our aim is to craft cinematic films that authentically capture the joy, emotion, and sheer fun of your wedding day.

We pride ourselves on transparency, offering clear pricing guides across our range of packages. However, we understand that every couple and every celebration is unique, so we're always open to tailoring our services to suit your needs.

While the filming itself is just a snippet of what we offer, the real magic happens behind the scenes during the editing process. Offering a teaser video & highlight reel with every package as a minimum, with so many more options to choose from. This reflects our dedication and passion for ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved.


Highlight Reel

All packages come with the essentials - a highlight reel and a teaser film. These videos are the ideal cinematic renditions of your day, ideal for sharing and reliving in a single, 15-20 minute film.

 Wedding Prices

These prices have been specifically catered for weddings and each include an additional £50 booking fee - any other requests will require a custom quote.

Basic - £495

Our basic package includes 4-5 hours in person filming, with a highlight reel and a short teaser video (1-2 minutes) . 

Standard - £950

Our standard package includes 10 Hours of in person filming, with a much more fleshed out highlight reel and teaser video + your entire ceremony and speeches are included. 


Premium - £1600

Our premium package includes up to 12 hours of in person filming, drone footage (weather and location permitting), 4K ceremony and speeches, highlight reel, teaser video & a feature length film of your entire day.


+ (You receive a collection of around 200-300 stills from the day, completely for free)

+ Add On's

STILLS / £95 -  Videographers will capture a lot more content than photographers overall, therefore there is always a chance that we captured something that they didn't during the day. This add-on includes between 200-400 separately edited and exported stills. Take a look at some examples here (STILLS EXAMPLE).

4K CEREMONY & SPEECHES / £2O0 -  This add-on is available with the basic and standard package. This allows you to save some money and still get the essentials in full 4K glory!

CUSTOM VIDEO MESSAGE / £150 - Do you have a specific message you want added to the final video? This add-on gives us some time to sit down and record a personal message for your newly-wed"

DRONE FOOTAGE / £100-£150 - Add a bit of spice to your video with some drone footage! (£100 for HD footage or £150 for 4K footage).

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